Book in at Castle Kennedy Airfield

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· All landings at Castle Kennedy are at the Pilot’s discretion, and strictly PPR.

· No Fuel, Met, or Radio is available at Castle Kennedy.

· It is pilots responsibility to read NOTAM, or ring West Freugh operations on 01776 888741, to discover if the Luce Bay Range is active.

· The landing fee is £5.00 microlight/ultralight aircraft, £10.00/single engine, £20.00 twin engine, and larger single engine, and is used to assist in the repair of the runway.

Please pay by inserting into the letterbox on next to the "C" control sign, along with a note of your registration. 

Please check News page in case airfield use is restricted

Police contact number for overseas flights: Ports Unit Stranraer 01776 704633, Fax number 01776 704066.

Please obey the rules, and under no circumstances overfly village houses.

Have a good flight!!!!!

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